True Light


That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. John 1:9

Jesus, Your Light is significant. It’s so significant that it influences, shines it’s light on, illuminates every man that comes into the world. Just think, there is no man that is brought into the world that isn’t influenced by Your light. Every man is touched by Your light somehow. Every man. No man escapes it.

I don’t know how You do it, but You do. I guess like Your Word says, Your evidences are everywhere. I suppose even by the nature of our being brought into existence and given life, by just that action, Your light has already shown in each of us. Without You, we would never exist nor live. So all men are effected and touched by Your light.

But, where there is light, sometimes, people can still not see things. We have to allow You to use Your light to enlighten us, to open our eyes to see and to understand. We need You to take us beyond seeing a brightness and into the knowledge of that brightness. That’s why the next verse says how You came into the world, how You were the Light that brought each man into existence, but still, those creatures You lit didn’t comprehend Your light and couldn’t receive You. I suppose the brightness hurt their eyes, so to speak. They never let the Light in.

But then there are those who receive Your Light. There are those who let Your Light and Love and Person penetrate their whole being. They become familiar with the Light, somehow, even though Your Light is more than a familiar thing. And with the reception of Your Light comes the power to become Your child, to know You, to begin to understand. This is where Your Light becomes welcome, where Your Light illuminates to personal knowledge. It’s not just a brightening. According to http://www.preceptaustin “Figuratively, it means to cause something to be fully known by revealing clearly and in some detail. It means to shed light upon or to illuminate.” So, here You are, not just shining from the outside in, but shining forth from the inside out. Your outside illumination is not foreign any more because the Light on the outside meets the Light on the inside and they know and understand each other.

It’s one thing for Light to shine. But it’s a deeper thing for Light to be comprehended. There must be Light inside for there to be comprehension. If I am filled with darkness inside, then the Light on the outside will be incomprehensible and terrifying. But once I know, once I am filled with Light, Oh, what a welcome sight!

Lord, I just want to bask in Your Light. I want to bask in the Light on the outside and I want to bask in You on the inside. You are better than sunshine! What a pale comparison! Nothing compares to You. Wow! Look how much my words lack again. But that’s O.k. because You never lack. I want to rest and live in the warmth of Your Light. I want to be at ease and thriving under the influence of Your light, in the sunshine of Your royal favor. May I always continue by Your grace and power in the beauty of Your exposure.


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