Jet Lag and the Sons of God


“But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name:  which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”  John 1:12-13

Jet lag is not such a terrible thing because when I wake up at 2 a.m. and can’t get back to sleep it’s just an opportunity to spend time with You.  And I like every and any excuse to spend time with You.  I’m glad that I know what it is to miss You because I know what it is to know You.  But there are some people who don’t even know what it is to miss You, because they never really have come to know You.

Lord, sometimes, I think that the church has sometimes made You so “familiar” that lots of people who ought to know You, don’t really know the real You.  And that’s not much different then it was when You came to earth and came to Your people Israel.  It’s so easy to grow up in a church, just as it was to grow up in a synagogue, and to be so focussed on something other than You.  I don’t know what it is either.  I don’t know that I can say what causes the problem.

Maybe part of the problem lies in thinking that we can contain You in a Book and in a set of rules and regulations.  Maybe the problem lies in the fact that we think that our study or knowledge can make us to really grasp everything You are.  And to me, that is becoming such a ludicrous notion.  Because the more I get to know You, the more I see I still don’t know.  But it’s not that I get farther from You as I get closer.  The more You draw me closer, the closer there is to draw me.  There is no end to the depth of You.  There is no end to learning about You.  There is no end to growing in You.

So, Lord, guard me against thinking I know, when I don’t.  Guard me against seeking knowledge more than seeking You.  Guard me against  seeking a ministry more than seeking You.  Guard me against caring about what others think more than I value what You think.

Verse 11 tells me that You “came unto [Your] own, and [Your] own received [You] not.”  You came and made Yourself know to those who should have been prepared to know You.  They should have recognized You from the Word they knew.  They should have joined themselves to You.  They should have become one with You.  But they would not.  And that’s still the problem today.

Sometimes the intellectual seems so much easier to grasp.  And we choose to run around living our lives obeying a head knowledge and really relying on ourselves and calling it You, Jesus.  But we’ve never fully come to You, never received You, never walked up to You and joined with You.  And I guess that’s because that’s the harder choice.  I have to give up myself to join with You.  I have to admit my wrongness, my emptiness, my pure lack of efficiency, my depravity, my hunger, my incapability.  I have to admit my dependency.  That’s a hard lesson to swallow.

So, am I going to accept what You offer?  Or am I going to hold on to what I think I know?  The promise is to those who accept what You offer.  The promise is to those who accept all of You, not just part of You.  The promise is to those who accept Your Person and Your Promise Your way.  Those who place themselves in You, who let You rock their world upside down, who abandon themselves to You, they are the ones who You give the power to become the sons of the very God, the sons of the One and Only True God.

This is a superhuman thing.  It’s more than a privilege.  It’s a God thing.  It goes beyond believing things or facts.  Those that believe in Your name are entrusting their whole being to everything that You are.  Your name is not a fact or a word on a page of a book.  Your name is the absolute essence of everything that You are.  This is faith.  When I entrust all that I am in all that You are, that is the beginning of faith.  This is my spiritual awakening, my birth.

Only at this point can You regenerate me.  This is the butterfly moment.  This is when I am born again, not of flesh and blood like I’ve been living in all my life.  But now I begin to understand spiritual things, Jesus things, God things, Holy Spirit things because I’ve abandoned myself and my ideas as untrustworthy and I’ve clung to You and You alone as trustworthy.  And this was Your whole purpose for me from the beginning.  This is the will of You, Lord, for man, to restore us to a true relationship with You again.

This is an amazing thing.  Because I have placed my whole being in You, I have the ability and power supernaturally to become not only Yours but like You.  Let me not allow anything into my life or thinking that would block that power.  And as long as I remain in You, I have this confidence, that this beautiful work that You have begun in me, You will continue until the day I am with Christ.  This is no easy thing.  You’ve called me to be an overcomer.  But, no matter how hard things get, as I remain in You and You remain in me, Your supernatural power, all that is You, is more than sufficient to bring me through victoriously unto that day.

So, Lord, this jet lag morning, I just want to thank You for continually drawing me closer to You.  I thank You for every trial that You have placed in my life and that You will place in my life because they have given me the opportunity to see that clinging to You is worth everything.  Your blessings aren’t the prize.  You are.  Thank You for making me Your child.  And I’m so grateful for every one that hears Your voice and abandons themself to You.  I am so grateful for my brothers and sisters and most grateful for You.


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