Clear the Stage by Ross King


What a blessing when Micah Griffith, our pastor in training, shared this song in church one morning. Hope this blesses you. Worship is so much more than a song. Scripture says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desire of your heart.” This is true worship, when every part of our being delights in the Lord more than everything else. That’s when our heart’s desire becomes His desire. And He will always honor His desires. Let us always be ready to clear the stage and worship Him alone who is worthy.


3 thoughts on “Clear the Stage by Ross King

  1. Nancy McDaniel

    Ross has it right. God has truly blessed him. Small world, but we have known Ross & his family for 30+ years. They went to our church until they, like me, just couldn’t deal with our pastor anymore. Ross has come back to do praise & worship for us when we were looking for a new music minister though. Shows his love & maturity for Jesus. His dad went to be with his Lord maybe 2-3 yrs. ago maybe? Time goes so fast. I think of his mother, Lilabeth every time I pass where his dad worked as a real estate agent. They are well known in the community as well as Ross is. Beautiful song. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Wow! So many things keep occurring that make it seem like such a small world. I appreciated the heart of the song then and I still do now. Sometimes I wonder why the Lord brings people together in a special way and then seems to separate them over great distances for a while. Maybe it’s to keep us longing for that closeness and to keep reminding us that the specialness of that closeness is Him. Maybe our yearning for the nearness of each other is really a yearning for Him. There is absolutely nothing like the depth of a friendship in Christ! And back to thinking about Ross, there are three worship artists I would love to meet, not because they have CDs but because when they sing they bear their hearts and souls and spirits and it’s like being in the middle of their time with the Lord. He’s one, Jimmy Needham is another, and the other is Kari Jobe. Oh, and I forgot about Sara Groves.

      • Nancy McDaniel

        Your learning what I’m learning. Actually prayed for you with this matter yesterday. Seems like every true friend I’ve been blessed with as precious pearls in my life are always taken to live away from me. They are my “soul mates” my “kindred spirits”. But, as you are learning, it is so we don’t desire them more than our Jesus. He wants us to long and draw close to Him. To depend on Him to meet the longing desires of our hearts.
        Right now? Truthfully?
        I miss you & the joy I find being with you. Your humor & the way you make me laugh. I mean a true deep belly laugh. But, our Lord knows that & I trust Him to bless & wait for His perfect timing to see you again.
        As for your favorite worship artist to meet? Mine is Twila Paris & a new artist from England, Matt Redmond. Not familiar with yours. Going to have to search some new CD’s & songs! As for Ross? Well, when you come to College Station we’ll go to his church & you can meet him in person.

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