Eureka! I’ve Found It!


One of the two who heard John speak and followed Jesus was Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother.  He first found his own brother, Simon and said to him, “We have found the Messiah” (which means Christ).  He brought him to Jesus.  John 1:40-42a

Love is not selfish.  No, love is not selfish.  Well, human love is selfish, but the love of God is anything but selfish.  I actually awoke to a disturbing dream this morning.  But somehow it lead to the passion of God for us.  And this ishow I see the love of God.  God, in His love for us, actually tore Himself apart for us.  Think about it.  God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit are one.  But out of love for us, they allowed themselves to suffer separation.  God the Father had to die to His own Self and give up His only begotten Son, Jesus.  Jesus, had to suffer the loss of God the Father and the Holy Spirit as God was forced to turn His back on Him because of our sin.  And the Holy Spirit had to withhold Himself from Jesus.  There was absolutely no selfishness in that act.

But thank the Lord that God’s plan went further than separation, death, and suffering.  Because He was willing and able to die to His Self, He alone was able to live for us.  Now this whole idea just overwhelms me.  This is my God.  This is what my God would do for me.  It’s not just what You would do for me, Lord, it is what You did for me.  God, doing this, for me?  Can you grasp the immensity of the love?  Do you get that this is God?  This is God making a sacrifice for me and for you?  How can one fathom God acting like this?  How can this not grasp your whole being when you realize this?

Now, Andrew hasn’t come to this realization yet.  I’ve got the more complete version in His Word.  But Andrew had the beginning of the story and some of the details and the end in the Old Testament.  He just didn’t understand them clearly yet.  But he had Jesus right there.  And Jesus will always open our eyes to Himself if we are really looking.  And Andrew was seeking.  So much so that he left his prior master to follow Jesus as his new Master.  And after spending the night with Him, the first thing he does is run to tell his brother, Simon Peter.


When you get excited about something, it is really hard to contain that excitement.  And John the Baptist’s admonition and Andrew’s own experience of Jesus, of You, was enough for him to be thoroughly excited.  Which brings me back to wonder, so how does he act upon this excitement?  Does he just keep it for himself?  Or does he share it?  Well, he’s so excited he runs to find his brother, Simon Peter, and proclaims, “We have found the Messiah!”  Now, he didn’t just stop by telling Simon Peter.  He took it a step farther and brought him to Jesus.  I can see him now.  “Simon, I can tell you all about Him until I turn blue.  I’m so excited about what I saw and heard in Him.  But I really want you to come meet Him and see for yourself.  Then you’ll know too!”

Because it’s not enough to believe in someone else’s excitement.  We can’t follow any one else’s experiences.  We can’t just tell people about You.  We can’t make them see what they haven’t experienced for themselves.  Your desire for us, like Andrew, is to draw others to You.  And You are the One drawing them through us.  You Yourself say, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him…”(John 6:44)  You alone are the One who must satisfy each one of us.  You are the Living Bread.  You are our Nourishment and our Life.  You came knowing that You would be torn apart for me, for each one of us.  That is why we eat the bread that is torn in remembrance of Your body, maybe not just Your earthly body, but maybe even the body of God, that was torn for the love of us.  The bread that You gave for the life of the world, for each of our lives, was Your flesh.

Lord, this is the heart of passion.  You have demonstrated it for us.  And my whole existence is to point people to Your passion for them.  And I will rely on the power and love of Your Spirit to enable me to do that.  Give me the ability to love like You love, to deny myself so that others will not just know my love for them, but so that others will see Your love.  Because I can’t really deny myself without the power of Your Holy Spirit.  Fill me with You, that I might resemble You, and that others might be drawn to You.  Keep me from being a hindrance to those around me.  Let me always be mindful of Your sacrifice for me so that I can guard myself against selfishness in my attitudes and desires and live selflessly for others as I live for You and in You.  Lord, I am desperate for You.  I can’t do this alone.  I need to continually be filled with You, with the Living Bread, to continually experience You, so that I will know how I should respond.  Lord, Your love goes beyond understanding.  There is no one else like You.  Absolutely nothing compares to You.  I owe my life and all my being.  Take it and make it fully Yours.


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