Rearranged to Change My Name


“He shall glorify me: for He shall receive of Mine, and shall show it unto you.”  John 16:14Image

God, this may be a weird question, but I wonder if You were always in the form of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?  I mean, You were existing before we were ever created.  And I know that in the beginning You were all there because the Word was already with You.  But was that the beginning of creation as we know it?  But that wasn’t the beginning of You.  You already always existed.  But what if You knew ahead of time what I would need and You “rearranged” Yourself to meet those needs?  What if You became Father, Son, and Holy Spirit just for “man’s” sake?  I mean, after all, Jesus was crucified and rose again solely for “man’s” sake.  Only we can be redeemed because of it; not the angels.  But to think that You would “rearrange” Yourself with my best interest in mind?  The God of the universe?

I mean, there is a right time for everything.  “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1   I’m not so sure that Solomon was really focussing on this in You at the time.  I think he was wrapped up in the things of life going on around him and feeling a little futile.  But his prophetic words still pointed back to Your timing and Your purpose in everything, even when we can’t see it or feel it.  Because everything under heaven…and above heaven….and around heaven….and in heaven is under You.

So, here You are, as You had planned.  The Son is getting ready to return to You just as You planned.  He’s getting ready to send the One who will come alongside us, inside us, the Holy Spirit, just as You planned.  This is the season.  This is the time others had been looking forward to but not understanding.  This was and is Your purpose.  This is what You arranged before we ever even were aware of our existence.

The Holy Spirit is coming to indwell believers.  Why?  What is the purpose?  Is this for my comfort?  Is this all about me?  Did You possibly “rearrange” Yourself all for me?  Wow, it’s so easy for me to put my focus on me, isn’t it?  But here You say, “He [the Holy Spirit] shall glorify Me.”  And this is not me, this is You, Jesus, You, God.  You possibly “rearranged” Yourself for Your glory so that You could be glorified in me.  Because without You in me, I have absolutely no glory and cannot bring You glory.  I’m fallen and always will be without You.  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up without You.

For the angels around Your throne, it’s different.  You created them to be glorious, to be able to bear Your glory, to stand right their in Your presence, to receive Your glory.  Because of what they knew and understood of glory, they paid a different price for rebellion.  There was no turning back.  But there was something different about us, about man.  Why were we given the chance to be redeemed?  Why did we get the privilege to be able to come back to You?

I don’t know.  But thank God in Your wisdom You chose to hold onto us.  I don’t know, maybe it’s even more glorious to turn something around, to take something that has totally transformed itself into darkness and make it light again.  Maybe it’s even more victorious to win back something that was lost.  Whatever the reason, my purpose, just like that of the Holy Spirit is to glorify You and Your Holy Spirit brings that to pass in me.  Without Him, I am nothing.

And what the Holy Spirit does is amazing.  This is how He glorifies You, Jesus.  In being with You, He grabs hold of everything that You are, everything that comes from You, everything that emits from You, everything that flows from You, everything that emanates from You and He shows it to me.

Sometimes, I think we have a tendency to focus on the physical too much.  I was thinking about some little words here like “of” mine and show “it”.  And “of” is a little word in Greek too.  “Ek.”  Strong’s defines it as a “primary preposition denoting origin (the point whence action or motion proceeds), from, out (of place, time, or cause).”  HELPS Word Studies shares that it is “properly, ‘out from and to’ (the outcome); out from within…ek (‘out of’) is one of the most under-translated (and therefore mis-translated) Greek propositons…(ek) has a two-layered meaning (‘out from and to’) which makes it out-come oriented (out of the depths of the source and extending to its impact on the object.”  Thayer’s Greek Lexicon states, “it denotes exit or emission out of, as separation from , something with which there has been close connection.”

How will the Holy Spirit glorify You?  He will take of You and who You are and what lies within You, Your knowledge, power, strength, whatever is of You, all of who You are, and He will show it to me.  But He doesn’t just show it to me like we show our toy in show and tell.  And it’s not just that He’s taking Your possessions and sharing them with me.  This “ek” is in the genetive case which can sometimes imply possession but isn’t just confined to the fact that something belongs to You.  It could just simply be possession  but it can go even deeper.  Follow these grammatical examples.  The dog’s bone.  The bone of the dog.  It’s the sting of the wasp.  “Diamond is an allotrope of carbon.”  Sometimes the genetive just points to who possesses something.  But sometimes it points to what is possessed, to the inherent qualities of the possessor.  It qualifies.  It “describes, defines, or classifies the person or thing which is denoted by the noun which is being qualified.  Possession or the, author of the activity, the larger whole from which something is derived, to describe someone’s quality, of value and price.  (

So the Holy Spirit takes the qualities You possess, Your inherent person, what comes from You, and imparts them to me.  What You have, what You possess, what proceeds from You, is brought to me by the Holy Spirit.  All that is of You is available for the Holy Spirit.  He shares You with me.

I guess I don’t really like the word “it” here very much.  Because it’s not just about stuff or things.  It’s not just about answered prayer or knowledge even.  It’s about all that You are and all that issues forth from You.  It’s not the stuff that is Yours, it’s what is You.  The Holy Spirit knows You intimately.  You are One. Therefore, He can reveal You to me.  He isn’t just announcing, reporting, bringing back tidings, and rehearsing information or facts to me or even information about You.  He is making You known to me through revelation.  He is revealing You to me.  “I will glorify Jesus by taking my intimate knowledge of Him and making it known to You.  In intimacy with Us, you will glorify Him.”

Verse 16 says “all things that the Father has are mine:  therefore said I, that He shall take of mine, and shall show it unto you.”  But there’s that “thing” mentality again.  And what if it is more about all that is true of the Father is true of Me?  What if the big point here is that all that is inherent in the Father is inherent of You, Jesus?  All the power, all the love, all the authority, all the character and everything that is the Father is You.  The Holy Spirit knows it all because He knows You intimately and experiences You intimately because He is You.  He takes all this character, this personness of You, because it’s who He is too, and He brings it within me.  He takes the real You, the whole Youness, and reveals it to me, in me.

The Greek word for “show” is “anaggello.”  It combines “ana” meaning “up, completing a process” and “aggelo”, “declare”.  It means to “tell all the way up…declaring a thought (communication) that shows it has cleared (gone through) its necessary stages.”  (HELPS Word Studies)  It means to make known.  It’s “proclaiming again, diffusing knowledge of the message.”  (Preceptaustin).  It’s revelation.  (Brooke)

“This is how the Holy Spirit will glorify Me.  He will get hold of everything that I am, all that is of Me, and He will reveal Me to you; He will make Me known to you.  All that the Father is, I am.  He will offer all of me to be made known by you.  He will reveal Me to You.”  Well, Lord, this is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Lord, diffuse Yourself in me.  I want to know You more and more, second by second.  I want to become more intimate with You every moment.  I don’t want to take any of Your words for granted but neither do I want to take Your Holy Spirit for granted.  I want to allow Him to glorify You in me.  I want to receive and get hold of what He is showing me.  I want to listen attentively.  I want to have eyes to see.  I want to be focussed on You and not my own agenda.  I want to always be open to You.  I don’t want to rewrite what You’ve written.  I just want to understand it as You meant it to be understood.  I just want to grow in You and grow closer to You.  Actually, I don’t just want to be close, I want to be in You and You in me.  Close just isn’t enough.  Close is too far away.  Well, I can’t say if You “rearranged” Yourself for me.  But I know that I need more than rearranging.  I need transformation.  And I am so thankful that Your Holy Spirit is transforming me by renovating my mind, so that I know You, I mean really know You.



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