What is truth?


“Pilate said unto Him, ‘What is truth?'”…John 18:38


What if this concept of truth meant much more to Pilate than it means to us today?  What if this question of truth was to Pilate the pivotal question that all belief and reality stands upon, and he knew it?  What if knowing the answer to this question and realizing it is everything we were ever created for?  What is truth?

Everything we look at is always filtered through our own beliefs.  It’s filtered through the circumstances we’ve lived through.  It’s filtered through our experiences and feelings and prior “knowledge.”   But what if that filter is faulty?  What if there are inherent flaws in the lenses of the glasses we naturally look at things with?  And what if those flaws hold us back from seeing what really is?

“What is truth?” Pilate asked.  You, Jesus, had just told him, “This was why I was born, and this is why I came into this world, so that I would be the Evidence of Truth.  I came to show You that I Am Truth.  I came so You could hear My voice and live in Me.  I came so You could belong to Truth.”  But Pilate was looking through the lenses of position and power.  His vision was clouded so that he couldn’t see past the vision of what Caesar would think.  What do I find more important?

What is truth?  You, Jesus, told us in the book of John, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…”  Truth is from the Greek word “aletheia.”  The root words that form “aletheia” mean “not” “forgetfullness.”  Because of what happened in the Garden, there is something that has been forgotten that must be remembered.  There is an essential reality that we have to come back to, that must be recalled.  Truth has an “inherent and irresistible witness to reality” and it will make itself known.  “The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”  (John 1:5)  The truth will make itself known; it is the nature of truth.

“Aletheia” is something that is not hidden, not concealed.  It is revelation and light and self-evidence.  You can’t hide it; You can’t repress it; it will be known.  It is what is.  “I AM THAT I AM.”  Truth is not just an idea about integrity; it is Integrity Himself.   Truth is the expression of God Himself in You, Jesus.  It’s Your message, Your revelation, Your presence.  It’s everything that You are.  And whether our glasses are faulty or not, You remain the same.  But our vision will effect our purpose and our being, depending on whether we truly “know” the Truth.

A while back I made a plaque which sits above our picture window.  In wood, I routed out these words, “Without firm faith, you will not be firmly established.” Isaiah 7:9b  There is a Hebrew word for “truth”.  It is “aman” and it means “to support” or “make firm.”  This is the word used in Isaiah.  And it’s actually a play on those words.  Other words that come from that stem are words like “pillars of support”, “faithful ones”, and “amen.”   “Without trust in the Lord there is no stability.” (Hebrew for Christians)  “This is the message from the Amen, the faithful and true witness, who is the origin of all that God has created.”  Reveleation 3:14  Truth is who You are.  It’s who You always have been and who You always will be.

You are absolutely unforgettable and entirely trustworthy!  Your revelation is reliable and strong!  Your person and Your character is the unveiling of truth.  The truth about “Biblical” truth is that it is not about correct facts.  It all boils down to a personal realtionship with God.  When Jesus told us, “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” He wasn’t just stating three impersonal truths to believe, three facts to store up in our heads to pull out when it seemed needed.  This is who He is.  This is His character.  Lord, You ARE the WAY, You Are the TRUTH, and You are the LIFE!  This is Your character, Your being.  All life is wrapped up in You.  All truth and reality is wrapped up in You.  You alone are the means to God and of God.

“Emeth”, the Hebrew word for truth is the way.  Believing and trusting in You opens the door to the means to and of God.  , ‘“Faith comes by hearing.’  To experience Yeshua as ‘emeth’ requires us to venture forth into the relationship.  I must obey in order to know.  If I wait for all the facts before I act, I will never understand ‘emeth’.”  Jesus doesn’t say, “If you had understood me…”  He said, “If you had known Me, you should have known My Father also: and then you’d know Him, and would have seen Him.”  It was never about knowing beneficial truths, but it was always about knowing the Beneficial Truth, the Beneficial One!  Hear and follow Him.  Take hold of the relationship, not just the words.  Follow Him, obey Him, take hold of more than a page of a book.  Take hold of His hand.

You are not just truths on a page of a book called the Bible.  You are the reality of those words.  You are the Word.  Before the book was, You were.  These precious words are here to guide us to the Word Himself, You.  They guide us to Your character in You.  You want us to know what really is.

Skip Moen shared “To know the truth is to know things as they really are, not as they are hidden in false appearance… Truth involves seeing things as they really are, without subterfuge, distortion or distraction…This word is intimately linked to logos (which is translated in the opening of John’s gospel as ‘Word’).  In Greek thought, logos is not a word on a page.  It is rather an active, almost divine, animate principle whose job it is to reveal.  Logos brings forth alethia.  What logos reveals is the final reality of Being, as it is.  When Man comprehends truth, it is because he has been the recipient of an action of logos who has revealed to him the actual ground of Being.  For the Greeks, the ultimate quest of knowledge was alethia, to see with eyes that were no longer clouded… When John used the Greek word logos as the marker for Jesus in the opening verses of his gospel, he brought the full force of the Greek quest into contact with the incarnation.  He said to all of us, ‘Look here.  If you want to know the true reality, if you want to comprehend the real foundation of all that is, then you must look to this event and this man, Jesus.  He will show you what life means, and what holds existence together.  He will answer your deepest questions for he is the incarnation of the truth about what is.’”

Skip Moen shared another quote and I wanted to check and see if it was as fundamental as he said.  So, in the search for man’s truth I googled, “What is the most fundamental question of philosophy?”  Well, this wasn’t the only thing I found, but I did find this title intriguing:  8 Great Philosophical Questions That We’ll Never Solve.  And the first one was the one Skip shared by Martin Heidegger, “Why is there something rather than nothing at all?”  The fourth one was, “Does God exist?”.  But the good news, and I wish they would really hear it, is that the answer is right here!  The Answer is You, the Truth.

Why is there something rather than nothing at all?  Because of You.  Because the God of reality brought it all into being so He would have a people to experience the reality of Him.  Because the God of reality “took action in Love.”  “The result of that action is everything that is, created because God loves.  Life is not reducible to facts.  It is an expression of personal character. It is about relationships.  And the fundamental relationship of all Life is the relationship with the Creator.  This is truth worth celebrating.  If we really understand Love, we will know that the final reality of all Life is based on His love.  It is why we exist and why we can exist joyfully.  If you want abundant life, live the truth of Love. The truth is that Love is the most fundamental aspect of existence.  And that is worth celebrating!”   (Skip Moen)

“What is truth?”  He is Truth.  It’s everything.   It’s what literally makes the world go round.  It is the person of Jesus Christ.  It is the revelation of God Himself to us.  It’s my restoration back into the Truth that was lost by the fall.  It’s You Jesus and returning to You and living in You again.  “What is truth?”  The Answer in the Person of Jesus Christ to everything I’m seeking and to my every need.

Lord, may I live in the reality of You and in Your presence and in You every day of my life.  Every day, open my eyes to see and understand and live.  Remind me that You set me free continually.  Every time a lie that stands against Your character approaches my thoughts, give me eyes to discern and stand against it.  Change my attitudes and responses by my realtionship in You.  Lord, may I live by what You say because I so trust Your every word.  Make me to know You, and set me free to live in and for you and to not be caught by deception.



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