The Grammar of Life


Jesus went into a house, and the blind men followed Him.  He said to them, “Do you believe that I can do this?”  “Yes, Lord, ” they answered.  Matthew 9:28

Faith?  Really?  Again?  Yep.  Faith until I get it, until I understand.  Because maybe I can go from no faith to faith.  Or I can go from faith to greater faith.  How?  By knowing what it looks like.  For someone who is naturally gifted at something, it comes easy.  I saw a child prodigy once who was so gifted in the way he thought, that he was teaching university mathematics and physics by the time he was twelve years old!  And the wonderful thing is that he could teach in a way that others could understand.  But it was harder work for those who came to him to have him help them see.  Obviously, they understood they couldn’t understand it as well without his help.  Now, those kinds of concepts are beyond hard for me.  I think it would take something supernatural to get me to understand.

But that’s what faith is like.  And for some of us it’s easier to have faith.  But faith doesn’t come on our own.  And we don’t naturally have it.  Faith comes from the Only One who is naturally gifted with it, Jesus.  Well, it’s not just that He has it, but that He is it.  He is the source of faith and the power of faith all wrapped up in one.  He’s the Child Prodigy sent into the world to teach us what faith is, what it looks like, how to live it.  If faith is a noun, then He is the Noun.  If faith is a verb, then He is the Verb.  If faith is an adjective, He is the Adjective.  Hm, I didn’t know I was going to have a grammar lesson this morning!

The definition of grammar is ” the art of speaking or writing a language with propriety or correctness, according to established usage.”  What if You, Jesus, are the Grammar of Life, the Grammar of Existence?  What if You are the art of living and being right and of living and being God’s property, according to God’s plan?  That makes You the Grammar of Life.

What in the world does grammar have to do with this verse?  Well, Jesus was going along His chosen path.  Two blind men were on that path.  They followed Him crying out, “You Son of David, have mercy on us!”  Do you see the grammar?  Because Jesus later tells them, “According to your faith be it unto you,” and their eyes were opened.  So what was their faith?  How did they show it?

The grammar goes back to when they cried out “Son of David.”  See, that’s a messianic (Biblical prophetic term) that is used to identify the promised Messiah, the promised Savior who would come.  So these two blind men are declaring the absolute A,B,C’s of the basis of their language of faith.  They can’t physically see, but they are full of spiritual vision.  In front of all the people, they are shouting, “Jesus, You are the One God is sending to save us!  You are the Son of God.  You are the Chosen One.  You are the One with the power of God.  You can do all things.”

So these two blind men are shouting out this declaration.  But they go beyond just declaring.  They are depending on the truth of this grammar.  They don’t just stand on the street corner declaring.  They seek Jesus out.  They go inside the house where He is.  And You ask them, “Do you [really] believe that I am able to do this?”  Well, I added the really, not because I want to add to Scripture, but it’s just the feeling of the moment here.  Because what are You really asking, Lord?

Are You asking if these two men believe that You can heal them?  Matthew doesn’t even relate that they asked for that specifically.  They asked You to have mercy on them.  They asked for the Promised One of God to have mercy on them.  What if You were really asking, “Do you really believe that I Am the One that can truly show You mercy?”  What if You were asking, “Do you really believe that I Am the Son of David and all that it means?”

What if when they answered, “Yes, Lord,” it meant more than “We believe You can heal us”?  What if it meant “We believe You are everything we need.  We believe You are the Grammar of Life.  Without You, I can’t put life together properly.  We believe that You are the One who can set our lives right in EVERY way, not just physically.”  Hmmm, what if?

“Then Jesus touched their eyes, saying, “According to your faith, be it unto you.”  And their eyes were opened….”  “According to your faith, be it unto you.”  What if You, Jesus, are still living by this same Grammar today?  After all, You are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  What if our Grammar really matters?  What if how I live my faith, makes every difference in what I receive from You?  I mean, this isn’t profound and maybe I’m not even explaining it well. But what’s my grammar like and who am I learning my grammar from?  The more Grammar I know, the more Grammar I show.

Lord, I want You to be the Grammar of my life.  I mean, after all, You are the Grammar of Life.  Without You there would be no rhyme or reason or rule or purpose to life.  I want You to impart to me, Yourself, so that I will be full of Your direction, love, wisdom, and power.  I want You to impart Your grammar to me so that I can live it out as I live in You.  So, Lord, give me a proper grammar of all that You are so that I have endless opportunities to believe ALL that You are.  Imagine what my faith would look like if I knew and believed all that You were able to do?  Because that’s the kind of faith I want in You.  According to my faith, let it be done unto me.  I’m ready for amazing things, Lord.  No, I’m ready for more than amazing things because You are more than amazing.   Thanks for being the best Grammar Teacher in forever!



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