Truth- The Most Glorious Adventure


Photo credit to Abigail Vencil Photography.

(The one who saw this happen has spoken of it, so that you also may believe. What he said is true, and he knows that he speaks the truth.) “  John 19:35

It’s funny, or maybe not.  I tend to talk in rabbit trails and sometimes even my studies in Your Word, Lord, follow rabbit trails.  But I suppose if I want to catch that rabbit at last, I have to follow it’s trail.  Actually, I’m not really sure if it works that way for catching rabbits.  It’s probably more that they just hop around sporadically.  But I’m finding that following Your leading is always purposeful.  And though I may not see how it is all going to fit together at first, and though I don’t even know that where I started is going to lead to where I finish, it’s beautiful when it all comes together.

So, today all started with watching a video based on an anecdote that promotes that Albert Einstein refuted an atheistic professor about the existence of God.  I love anecdotes.  I write my own sometimes, with Your guidance, Lord.  But I’ve found that I need to check up on a lot of these sweet, lovely stories that say, “Mr. So And So said this.”  And often in the checking of this beautiful anecdote or speech, when I check into the validity of it being said by the person it’s been attested to, I find that often that is not the case.  And I ask myself, “What danger do I do as a believer when I promote something as truth and allow a lie to be attached to it?”  And most people are just trusting that others, maybe other believers, wouldn’t send something out that isn’t all true.  But I think it’s because we don’t verify for ourselves.  We haven’t been trained up to be like the Bereans.  We take it as a personal insult if someone doesn’t believe us.

I don’t see that happening with Paul.  In Berea, he presented the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As he and Silas presented the truth to the Bereans, in the synagogue, so get this- they were Jews, what was their response?  Scripture says, “The people there were more NOBLE than those of Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, EXAMINING THE SCRIPTURES DAILY…”  Why?  “To see if these things were so.”  What then happened?  “Many of them therefore believed, with not a few Greek women of high standing as well as men.” 

Did I get that?  They examined to find if what Paul was saying was really true.  And how did Paul and Silas feel about it?  Were they insulted because the Bereans didn’t trust them?  Absolutely not.  Because it’s not about trusting my word.  It’s about trusting Your Word, God.  It’s about each one of us searching to find the truth, even if it means checking out an internet story or video.  So how did Paul and Silas feel about the Bereans searching out the truth?  They said the Bereans were more NOBLE than the Thessalonians who didn’t even check it out to see if it was true.  So maybe if I want to be commended as more noble than the Thessalonians, I need to know how to examine things for the truth.  After all, You are Truth. 

Being the Truth, it is Your desire and the Holy Spirit’s function to guide us into all truth, not just some.  All truth matters.  Darkness can’t dwell where there is light.  All truth matters.  1 Timothy 2:4 tells us You “would have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.”  And 2 Timothy 3:7 reminds us that there is a danger of being “ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”  I can be a Berean or I can be a Thessalonian.  I can eagerly come to the knowledge of the truth or I can ignore the truth and keep learning what I want the way I want, and keep living in all the lies I want, and never really ever stop to see them as lies.

So that’s what started things off today, a beautiful message with a little lie tacked on.  Oh, wait, “little lie” is a part of man’s vocabulary.  But the Truth tells me every lie is DEEP, DARK SIN and STANDS IN THE FACE OF HOLY GOD.  It’s not just any truth that matters.  Your Truth, God, Your Truth, Jesus, is what is real Truth.  Nothing else matters.

Now, here is John, testifying of You, Jesus, that not one bone was broken on the cross.  Here he is, an eye witness to Your life and death on the cross, and soon to be an eye witness to Your resurrection.  And there is one thing that is all important to John, that what he is telling about You is TRUE and he knows that this is the TRUTH.  Because only by sharing the truth through knowing the truth can others believe.  And how do we know that John is telling the TRUTH?  When I go back to Scripture, Old Testament Scripture, it confirms it.  But I need to be a Berean for a moment to do that. 

My youngest daughter really desires adventure.  Her new motto that she is going to put on a throw pillow she is making is “Dare to Roam.”  I love adventure.  But seeking adventure without seeking the TRUTH is an empty exploit.  Daniel 11:32 says, “And such as do wickedly against the convenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”  Now the interesting thing here is that “exploits” is really an added word.  The actual Hebrew word is “asah” and it stops at “do.”  Asah “is a verb that usually means a deliberate action with distinct purpose.”  (Skip Moen)  It’s used in the way that God formed people.  Look up the list of what it means sometimes.  The list is really long.

And maybe how this relates is that I have to search out the Truth, always, in everything.  In the path on the adventures I take.  In the things I read and the songs I sing.  In the things I hear and the words I speak or write.  Because the Truth is the foundation.  To have that foundation in the Truth that is Jesus is to find my purpose.  So here’s the good news.  The people who take the time to seek out the truth and find it in Jesus and then continually seek truth in Him, they won’t be shaken by lies.  They will have this unshakeable foundation in You, Lord.  And everything that is in You, will come forth from them at all the times when it is needed.  The exploits they’ll do will all come from the purpose that You have designed for them and that You are bringing to pass moment by moment.  Living in the Truth is how we glorify You and You glorify Yourself in us. 

Finding the Truth, finding You, and then living in You moment by moment is the most glorious adventure.  And this is the adventure that You have invited us on.  And this is the adventure that You draw us to and give us the desire for.  Will I seek You out?  Will I respond to the Truth You have presented in You?  Will I receive it?  Will I search it out and come to truly believe?  Will You, the Truth, become Everything to me?  Will I choose to handle the word of Truth correctly?  Will my whole life show it?  Will I take that risk and make myself that vulnerable?  Whatever the truth is, will I seek that and obey that?  Will I?  Lord, may I fulfill Your creative and glorious purpose in me to let You perform Your Truth in me and through me.  May I live such a glorious adventure in Truth in You that others are drawn to seek Your truth and presence also. 


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