A Higher IQ


“Scripture says, ‘I will destroy the wisdom of the wise.  I will reject the intelligence of intelligent people.”  1 Corinthians 1:19

I was a good student but there are so many people who are so much smarter than me.  There are so many people with a much higher IQ.  I don’t know what mine is but I serve alongside someone who has a photographic memory.  Imagine that!  Not me.  I serve around doctors and nurses who have specialized in tough things.  They amaze me.  There are people who can outreason and outwit me.  Why would You choose me, Lord?  And then I read this verse.  Well, I read this verse and meditated on it twelve years ago.  And here’s what I saw then.

Lord, man’s greatest wisdom and understanding is nothing compared to You.  In Your wisdom You created the world and all within it.  We have the world to testify of You yet knew You not.  Yet through the simple teaching of words You save us who believe.  All creation cries out and praises You, yet we seek other miracles or signs and wisdom and knowledge.  The only knowledge that matters is knowing Christ’s sacrifice.  But that offends some and is difficult for some to accept.  But You have invited and appointed me in You and have opened my eyes and understanding to know that Christ is the power and wisdom of God.  Christ is the sign and the knowledge that we seek.

What men deem as foolishness of God, is wiser than man, and what they deem as being weakness concerning You is stronger than them.  You have made clear to me who You are and what You have done for me.  You have invited me into an intimate saving relationship with You and I experience Your grace daily.  If I had been proud, or wise, or haughty I never would have seen my need for You.  I would have never sought a relationship with You.  You would have invited, yet I would have ignored the invitation.  Lord, You have shared Your wisdom with someone like me- foolish, weak, base.

Those who lift themselves up are so confused that they block their minds and hearts to knowing You.  One day You will bring to nought all those that lift themselves above You.  One day we will all stand before You and they will learn that Yours alone is the glory and they will see themselves as they really are.  What a sad day that will be for many.  But I am Yours in Christ Jesus.   Through Him, I am made and given wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.  All glory for who I am and what has been done in my life goes to You, Lord  Your righteousness makes me righteous.  Because You are set apart and holy, it makes me set apart and holy,.  You are wisdom and through You it has been imputed to me.  You have redeemed me through the cross.

Lord, help me to realize all I am in You.   Help me to live in Your wisdom and righteousness, as one set apart, holy, and knowing all I owe You.  Let my life be a testimony.  Bring me into a deeper intimate knowledge of You.

I’m glad that You, Lord, had me meditate on these verses back then, but I’m also glad You’re having me meditate on them now.  Because there is still a warning.  You are still giving me and all those who read, the same warning that You gave the Israelites back through Isaiah.  And what was that?  Let me remind myself.

You were upset with Your people.  Why?  They were going through the motions of worship but it wasn’t true worship.  You said, “Go on and keep offering your sacrifices Your way.  I’ll let you do it a few more years.  But then I’m gonna change things up and I’m going to make You a fireplace on my altar for real.”  That’s a hard place to be.  You were going to bring nations against Your people in order to teach them true worship.  Why?

They knew the truth and were bearers of the truth but they were more concerned about the heart and teachings of man than the heart and teaching of God.  Isaiah 29 tells us that God’s own people had confused themselves, and made themselves confused.  Because they made themselves stupid, that’s where they stayed, in stupidness.  They blinded themselves, so they walked in blindness.  They were like drunkards but not from wine, staggering but not from liquor.  So You, Lord, let them stay where they brought themselves.  You let them experience even more what it was to walk in that deep sleep, that lethargy.  You closed the eyes of prophets and the seers.  If they weren’t going to see, You were going to show them what it was really like to not see.

Does that only happen in the old days?  Or do we bring ourselves to this point even today?  I know this happens outside the church, but isn’t this what happens sometimes, maybe more than we think, within the congregation of the “righteous”?  Sometimes, is there this lethargy amongst us as believers because we’ve held onto traditions of men instead of the living word of God?  Has the “church” sometimes come to the point where the things You want to show us are closed and sealed up to us?  We hand this Book to those who ought to be able to read it, but they don’t want to look at some things, or they can’t, and they say, “Oh, I can’t read it, it’s sealed up.”  Haven’t You given us the key to unseal Your word?  So then we hand the book to someone who can’t read.  Huh?  And of course they answer, “Oh, I can’t read.”

Why can’t we read?  Why can’t we open the seal?   Why can’t You be everything You always have been?  Why can’t You require what You’ve always required?  Why can’t we see things the way You do?  Why can’t we live like You live and love like You love?  And that’s where this verse starts coming to life.  You say, “These people worship Me with their mouths and honor Me with their lips.  But their hearts are far from Me, and their worship of Me is based on rules made by humans.  That is why I am going to do something completely amazing for these people once again.  The wisdom of their wise people will disappear.  The intelligence of their intelligent people will be hidden.”  There’s coming a day when God is going to open blind eyes and deaf ears and fill hollow hearts.  “When that day comes, the deaf will hear the words written in the Book.  The blind will see out of their gloom and darkness.  Humble people again will find joy in the LORD.  The poorest of people will find joy in the Holy One of Israel.”  There’s coming a day when those who were blind and deaf and stupid will treat You as holy.  There’s coming a day when those who were wayward in spirit “will gain understanding, and those who complain will accept instruction.”  Jesus came to deliver us.  He’s the bringer of that day.

The question is, am I walking in to that day?  Will I let You have Your way in my heart and throw out my way?  Will I cry out to You to open my eyes and give me Your sight?  Do I really want to see You lifted high?  Will I cry out to You to open my ears that I would hear Your truth and obey it and love it and cherish it?  Or will I stick my fingers in my ears?  Will I count my wisdom as dung just to hear from You and be filled with Your wisdom and Your presence and the knowledge of You?  Will I let You teach me what it is to truly worship You in spirit and in truth?  Am I still in a stage of heart where I need to go through destruction and rejection in order to understand what I’m missing?  Or have I come to treasure Your wisdom and Your intelligence, Your intervention in my life and spirit, Your life, Your way more than anything?  Lord, help me to know were I stand, and I pray that I would be humbly bowed down at Your feet, ready to receive and be made complete in You.


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