If You Want To Hear His Song Of Deliverance, You Have To Be Delivered!


Photo credit to Lois Pannabecker

“You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah.” Psalm 32:7

I was just thinking about these words and what they mean. How can You, Lord, be my hiding place unless I have something in my life I must hide from?  Do I run to my Father and hide if I am not scared or in danger?  How can I experience You as my hiding place without such things in my life.  I must need to hide in You.  And I must need to hide from something of danger that pursues me.

I could be angry that there is something that pushes me to run and hide.  Or I could be glad, abundantly glad.  Because whatever that situation was that pushed me to run to You, it enabled me to learn of Your safety and care and Your ability to preserve me.  It brought me to the safe embrace of Your arms, where I was close enough to feel their mighty strength.  It chased me so close to You that as I rested under the shadow of Your wings, though the fire raged, I was unscathed.  I learned that You truly are my hiding place and what that means.  I experienced it and thus I experienced You and Your presence.

I was there so long that eventually the trouble could no longer stand against You and You surrounded me on the inside and out with songs of deliverance.  I can’t hear them and I can’t sing them and I can’t be part of the song if I haven’t been delivered.  And to be delivered I must go through the experiences that give You the opportunity to deliver me.  Oh!  This so needs to change my attitude!  This so needs to change the way I think!  Oh!  This so needs to change the way I respond!

These hard things in life, whatever they are for each of us, they must be.  I must experience this.  Because I must run to You and hide in You and experience You so that I get to experience that song.  I want to live for that song because living for that song is living in You.  Living for that song is waiting on You and waiting for You and not giving up until I hear from You.  Living for that song is hiding so deep that I hear Your every heartbeat instead of mine.  Living for that song is hiding so deep that I hear Your voice instead of my cries.  Living for that song is hiding so deep that I hear the tensing of Your muscles, so to speak, over the weapons of the enemy.  Living for that song is when I finally learn what it is to trust in You.

A hiding place, I truly think,
Implies to me some things.
A hiding place, it seems to me
Is only needed when
A fearful thing is in pursuit
Or I the truth conceal.
But if You are my hiding place,
And to You alone I run
Then something hard must come my way
That I need You to preserve me from.
From no light thing would I choose to hide,
But something ever large,
Or something that would do me in,
From this preserve me, Lord.
So rough times will come,
Could last for years,
See Moses, Joseph, more,
But if You are my hiding place
You’ll preserve me through them all.
And here’s the piece de resistance,
Through it all You’ll compass me about-
You’ll compass me about with songs!
Like Moses sang You’ll fill my heart!
Like Deborah and Barak that day!
See, there’s something about deliverance,
A truth I need to know
That I won’t understand the song at all
Unless I’ve been delivered so!
I have to see the trouble
And have lived within it’s grips
I have to know the special joy
Of trusting You in it.
I have to be there on the days
When waiting, hiding was my way,
To be there on that special day
When deliverance takes that stone away!
The experience must be something lived
To know the depths of joy
For I must come to know You first
To see Your hand employed.
And what a song it always is
When You deliver me!
And so I wait, it’s worth it all
And evermore shall be
To hear You sing Your very song
Of how You delivered me
Because it happens as You sing
We also join in too
And we’re surrounded on all sides
By the deliverance of You!
Compass me, Lord, on either side,
The side where I may need to hide,
Or on that other outcome end
Where in Your presence
We sing again!
And I will wait, and hide in You,
Though long it take and hard,
As You preserve me and compass
My life with songs of Joy.
And this I must remind myself.
Of this I stop and think.
So, hard things come,
They may last long,
But this is still o.k.
For You are here preserving me,
And I’m with You to stay,
And though the time may tarry long
Wait for that delivery day!
For I will hear the song You sing
And I’ll be singing too!
And many voices will join in
Singing what that Lord can do!
So don’t be sad, my Soul,
We’ll sing, and we will hear that song.
For there is no one surer
Than my God I wait upon!


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